With over 20 years of experience on this beautiful island, our property knowledge is invaluable for finding you your perfect investment. Perhaps you know exactly what you are looking for, or perhaps you have a vision and need help bringing it to life.

We know how important a decision of this nature will be in your life and we pride ourselves in providing an honest in person chat about your requirements as an investor abroad.

We spend a lot of our time networking to ensure your search is driven by up-to-the-minute market intelligence. We are independent and, therefore, there are no restrictions on who we can work with, giving you access to the largest possible portfolio of properties.

We have a vast experience with architects, builders and project management, to ensure you have only the best services open to you, here in Lanzarote.

Agents details: 

Simon Paul Carver GIPE 1843
NIF: X-0565823-T
Mobile: (0034) 670 82 32 63
Other languages spoken: Spanish, French, German, Italian

Susan Rodgers
NIE: X5786744J
Mobile: (0034) 680 33 71 06